// Vox Report II.

// Vox Report II.

Greetings, Citizens!

First of all I would like to wish You all a Glorious New Year! 🙂

During the holidays I finished the Tyranid-inspired track,
You can find its preview here 👉

The next one in line is the Ork theme, which has been written for a while now,
just needs some more fleshing out in editing.And also, as a heads up on the other themes in plan:

  • Imperium/overall Spacemarine theme
  • Imperial Guard theme
  • Tzeentch theme
  • Nurgle theme
  • Grey Knights theme
  • and of course the redux of the Adeptus Mechanicus theme 😉

Most of the tracks above are already have their main tunes, but there is still a lot to be done.
I have significantly upgraded my tools, which means a large amount of re-editing, however
I think it is definitely worth it, so that I can deliver a much better quality products.

Thank You all for Your support and participation in this endeavour!

Glory for the Emperor!

// Officio out //

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